Monday, February 9, 2015

The Shortest Pencil that I have Ever Seen

I blogged a few years back on how often the kids use their pencils for their writing activities in school and how short the pencils get.  As Joselyn was doing her Math homework, she brought out a pencil from her pencil case and I was shocked at how short it was.  I told her to get another pencil, but she insisted that it was still okay to use the 1-inch sized pencil.  I told her again to use another one since I could tell that she found it hard to write.

Now, this pencil is the shortest that I have ever seen and upon calling Kuya Benjo’s attention, he too was surprised and laughed at the size of the pencil that he thought was a toy part.  Well, at least we can say that we don’t waste our pencils and try to use every centimeter of its lead.

It may be the last year that Joselyn will use pencils as they will start using pens next year, which has both its good and bad points.  Pencils are still more practical; making erasures are easier, pen inks are more expensive plus pencil marks are easier to wash off on clothes.  But it’s a step-up that every grade school student must take.  

So for now, I’ll keep this shortest-of-the-short pencil, as a reminder of their “pencil school days” and a personal reminder of making maximum use of what we have.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Career Dress-Up Costume Ideas

Last January 12 was designated as “Career dress-up day” for the grade school levels YS2 to YS4 (Grades 1 to 3).  The students were required to dress up as what they wanted to be in the future.  At first Joselyn said she wanted to dress up as an artista (actress), but I said that would be hard to do, or too easy but yet won’t be obvious to others.  She agreed to dress up as an artist instead, since art is something that is close to her heart.  They did the same 2 years ago.  At that time, Joselyn wanted to dress up as a “baker” or a “chef”.  Being young, the kids are free to switch their “dream job”.  Well, even us older kids have a hard time choosing a career path.  What more our children who still have several years to go before they need to make this decision.

Anyway, in making her look like an artist, I didn’t have to spend much and just use a little creativity.  It is projects such as these that my own creativity and ingenuity comes out.  I first searched the internet for ideas, looking at pictures of other kids who dressed up as artists.  So with that I had a picture in my mind of how I wanted my little artist to become.

The first thing I worked on was the palette board which painters use to mix their colors.  I used a cereal container and 2 bond papers.  I cut the cereal container to the needed shape and glued the bond papers to both sides.  Fortunately, we had some leftover paint from previous art projects, which I used to paint the colors.  Then I got Kuya Benjo’s old uniform and spread it on some newspaper on the floor and started randomly painting.  Joselyn helped me with this part.  The next mini-project was making the beret.  I first thought of looking around Divisoria for a hat similar to this, but it being a weekend I knew there would be a lot of people in the area.  I searched the internet and thought of making one even out of paper, but the instructions I found were sewed berets.  I read through one website and saw how easy it was.  I have a lot of felt material from the time that I saw sewing beanie hats back in the US.  I chose the dark purple material and got out my sewing machine.  To my surprise I was able to make the hat in less than an hour.  Really easy and it turned out very nice.  A large brush, tights, scarf, school shoes gave the finishing touches.  So the only thing that I bought for this dress-up costume was the brush.

2 years ago, when Joselyn dressed up as a chef, we borrowed an actual chef’s outfit that Jojo’s niece used in school.  I sewed some parts of the sleeve since it was too long.  I found black and white checkered pants in the ukay-ukay.  Then from the internet, I followed instructions on how to make a chef’s hat out of bond paper.  I added a name tag to make it more personal.

With these one-day dress-up events, I’m not one to spend a lot on the kids’ costumes.  Re-using old items/clothes and making things on our own, I hope teaches the kids to be more creative, ingenious and less wasteful.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Integration Week Assignments & Projects

The following is a list of the assignments/projects for Joseph to do this Integration (Sem-break) week  (as noted in his school diary/or instructed orally):

HELE:  Collect 5 recipes, paste on Oslo paper.  Highlight all terms used in cooking.


You need to research the following (links to the websites that were helpful):

  1. Kinds of Lines
  2. Kinds of Quadrilaterals
  3. Kinds of Angles
  4. Kinds of Triangles

Content: (1) definition  (2) illustration of each

ENGLISH/SPEECH: Memorize the boys and All parts in the speech The Filipino is Resilient  found in the Spoken English book on pages 99-100.

CLE:  Modules and LAS were taken home with instructions to do as many lessons as possible.