Thursday, July 9, 2015

On School Suspensions

School is suspended today and tomorrow due to the habagat rains caused by the exit of bagyong Egay and the coming of bagyong Falcon.  There are days when class suspensions are announced late, when the kids are already in school, like they did last Monday when classes in Quezon City were suspended a little before noon.  It used to be that the storm signals indicated when classes were suspended, but nowadays though there are no storm signals in our specific municipality, city or province, the rains and subsequent floods give the local government the authority to announce class suspensions.

The class suspensions per storm signal are as follows;
    Signal 1 – preschool levels are suspended
    Signal 2 – preschool, elementary and high school are suspended
    Signal 3 – all levels are suspended

Watching the morning talk shows on the major networks provide up-to-date information as the city mayors call in their decisions to these networks.  Some mayors and/or governors make their decisions slower than others, which frustrates students and other commuters.  Many students need to leave their homes early for classes, with some finding that classes have been suspended only when they’re out of the house and finding themselves stranded with water levels rising and some even having to walk through the flooded streets.

If you have internet access, some schools also announce class suspensions through their website or through social network sites.  Having the mobile numbers of dependable friends also comes in handy when we are unsure of class suspensions.  I’ve heard of other schools having a text brigade where information is passed on to parents and guardians. The following are links to sites that could be helpful when trying to find out whether or not school is suspended due to bad weather.

Specifically for Angelicum College, QC, you can add them on facebook to get updates on school cancellations among other school information:

Morning talk show facebook pages that sometimes posts school cancellations: 

Deped QC website, which I don't think gets updated too often.

The flooded streets caused the habagat rains, bringing on the cancellation of schools
 at all levels in Metro Manila and other provinces.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mathematics 7 - Module 1 (Divisibility and Short cuts)

Benjo brought home Module 1 in Mathematics the other day and the first lesson was on divisibility, whether a certain number when divided by another number results in a whole number with no remainder.  Its pretest had a table with the numbers 2 to 11 on top and random numbers on the left side.  The learner was supposed to fill in the table with a Y/N answer on whether the number on the left was divisible by the number on the top.  Many of the numbers we know to be easily recognizable if its divisible by a certain number, like whether 2,640 is divisible by 2, 5 and 10.  Which is a "Y" for all 3. But what astounded me was the shortcuts for the other numbers.  It was so new and exciting for me.

As one example, did you know that you can tell whether a number is divisible by 9 if you add all the individual digits and if the sum is divisible by 9, then the whole number is divisible by 9.  What a neat shortcut!

Benjo's Math LAS, module and scratch paper (which you need a lot of when doing your Math)
Example: For the number 36,090, you add 3 + 6 + 0 + 9 + 0 = 18, which we know is divisible by 9. Therefore, by this rule (and you can check with your calculator), the number 36,090 is divisible by 9.

How cool is that!  Ok, maybe I'm too excited but it's been awhile since I've been this excited with numbers, maybe the last time was when I got hooked on Sudoku.  There were other cool rules for 7, 11 and the other numbers.  The trick is that you have to memorize the rules.  But once you do, these divisibility tests will be such a cinch.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

All Ready for the First Day

First day of school came and went.  I managed to get their LAS (Learner's Activity Sheets) which acts as their notebooks all labelled and covered with plastic.  There were 20 LAS in all for the 2 kids and the one roll of 13.5 inches x 5 meter plastic I bought only covered 9 books.  So I bought 2 more at a local school supplies store a couple of streets from where we live.  The plastic was a little thinner than the first but I couldn't be choosy and it did its job.

Buying plastic that is pre-cut to the right height saves time

Many people have their own technique for covering books with plastic and I don't pretend to be an expert at this.  Some plastics don't need a lot of tape - folding and putting pressure will sometimes put the plastic in place. I use my nails to do the folding. One tip that I do advise others is to snip the pointy corners that have a tendency to be sharp and scratch the kids' skin.

All 10 books nicely covered with plastic
Here's my two on their customary first day pictorial before heading for school.  Ahh, how time flies.  To all students, good luck and study to the best of your ability.

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