Friday, September 26, 2014

The Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

Our Lady of Lourdes at the
National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes
As part of the previous module in Joselyn's Christian Living Education (CLE) class, she and her classmates were asked to memorize the mysteries of the holy rosary.  This came easy for Joselyn as we pray the rosary every night, a prayer habit that Jojo and I started even before we had kids and which the kids have become accustomed to since they were born. It has become Joselyn's part to announce each mystery for at least a year now.  At first she needed a codigo, a little prayer card with each mystery written down, but later she learned them by heart.  Benjo, on the other hand has memorized the whole rosary including the litany which he sometimes leads.  We never imposed this on them but our day now seems incomplete without praying the rosary and at times the kids find it hard to sleep when for some reason or another we haven't prayed the rosary.

As a reference for other Catholic families and those studying the same in their school, here are the mysteries of the holy rosary or our dear beloved Mama Mary:

Joyful Mysteries (Mondays, Saturdays, Sundays of Advent):
  1. The Annunciation
  2. The Visitation
  3. The Birth of Our Lord
  4. The Presentation In the Temple
  5. Finding of Jesus In the Temple

Sorrowful Mysteries (Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays of Lent):
  1. Agony in the Garden
  2. Scourging at the Pillar
  3. Crowning with Thorns
  4. Carrying of the Cross
  5. Crucifixion and Death of Jesus

Luminous Mysteries (Thursday)
  1. Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan
  2. Wedding Feast at Cana
  3. Proclamation of the Kingdom of God
  4. Transfiguration
  5. Institution of the Holy Eucharist

Glorious Mysteries (Wednesdays and Sundays)
  1. The Resurrection
  2. The Ascension
  3. Descent of the Holy Spirit
  4. The Assumption
  5. The Coronation

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Boy Scout Investiture

Joseph, (My 11 year old doesn't want to be called Benjo in school any more.  He's more commonly known as Joseph since his YS1 or Prep years), anyway as I was saying... Joseph was chosen last year to be one of the representatives of the "batas" during his Boy Scout Investiture.  He was to memorize the first law or "unang batas" and recite it during the investiture ceremonies.  He was given plenty of time to memorize it.  At first I thought he wouldn't be able to memorize and pronounce it properly because it was in tagalog and there are still words especially the ones with "s" that he still lisps or is still "medyo bulol".  But my little big boy is full of surprises.  He made me and his daddy proud during that day.  He had a little trouble with the candle which kept going out due to the nearby electric fan, but he handled himself professionally, just like a real boy scout:

Here is the batas that he recited:

Ang Scout ay Mapagkakatiwalaan. Ang Scout ay nagsasabi ng katotohanan. Tumutupad siya sa kanyang mga pangako. Ang pagiging matapat ay bahagi ng kanyang pag-uugali. Siya ay maasahan ng ibang tao.  Ang Scout ay Mapagkakatiwalaan.

For reference, here are the other batas (c/o Boy Scout of the Philippines Facebook page):

Ang Scout ay Matapat. Ang Scout ay matapat sa kanyang pamilya, mga kaibigan, mga pinuno sa Scouting, sa paaralan at sa bayan.

Ang Scout ay Matulungin. Ang scout ay may kalinga sa ibang tao. Nagsisikap siyang makatulong sa iba na hindi naghihintay ng kabayaran o pabuya.

Ang Scout ay Mapagkaibigan. Ang Scout ay kaibigan ng lahat. Itinuturing niyang kapatid ang kanyang mga kapwa Scout. Sinisikap niyang umunawa sa iba. Iginagalang niya ang mga paniniwala at kaugalian ng ibang tao na naiiba sa kanya.

Ang Scout ay Magalang. Ang Scout ay magalang sa sinuman ano pa man ang gulang nito o katayuan. Alam niya na ang mabuting pag-uugali ay daan sa magandang pagkakasunduan ng mga tao.

Ang Scout ay Mabait. Ang Scout ay nakakaunawa na may angking lakas ang pagiging mabait. Itinuturing niya ang iba gaya ng gusto nitong pagturing ng iba sa kanya. Hindi siya nanakit o namiminsala ng mga hayop at iba pang bagay na walang kadahilanan at sinisikap niyang ito ay mapangalagaan.

Ang Scout ay Masunurin. Ang Scout ay sumusunod sa mga alituntunin ng kanyang pamilya, paaralan at tropa. Sumusunod siya sa mga batas ng kanyang pamayanan at bayan. Kung inaakala niyang may mga alituntuning hindi tama, sinusunod niya ito at hindi sinusuway ngunit sinisikap niyang mabago iyon sa matiwasay na pamamaraan.

Ang Scout ay Masaya. Ang Scout ay nagsisikap tumingin sa maaliwalas na bahagi ng buhay. Masaya niyang ginagampanan ang mga naiatang sa kanyang mga tungkulin. Sinisikap niyang makapagbigay ng lugod sa iba.

Ang Scout ay Matipid. Ang Scout ay gumagawa upang matustusan ang kayang sarili at upang makatulong sa iba. Nagiimpok siya para sa hinaharap. Pinapangalagaan niya at ginagamit ng wasto ang mga likas na yaman. Maingat siya sa paggamit ng kanyang panahon at ariarian.

Ang Scout ay Matapang. Ang Scout ay may lakas ng loob na humarap sa panganib kahit may taglay siyang pangamba. Siya ay naninindigan sa mga inaakala niyang tama at matuwid sa kabila ng tudyo o pananakot ng iba.

Ang Scout ay Malinis. Ang Scout ay pinapanatiling malinis ang kanyang katawan at kaisipan. Siya ay sumasama sa mga taong may ganito ring panuntunan. Tumutulong siya sa pagpapanatiling malinis ng kanyang tahanan at pamayanan.

Ang Scout ay Maka-Diyos. Ang Scout ay mapitagan sa Diyos. Tinutupad niya ang kanyang mga tungkulin ng kanyang pananampalataya. Iginagalang niya ang paniniwala ng iba sa kanilang pananampalataya.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ecomoda Outfit

For their Science project, the YS6 learners were asked to make an EcoModa wear.  Doing a search on google for ecomoda only comes up with the Columbian teleserye by this same name.  The show centered on a fashion company.  But getting the literal meaning between this conjunction:

we can come up with the meaning of "ecomoda" -  a “style or design of clothes that is made from recycled products or an end-product that helps in the sustenance of the environment”.  That is my own definition - Eileen's Dictionary :)

When my son first told me of their project I didn’t start on it right away, but had it on the top of my head as I tried to come up with ideas on what materials to use.  The last time I heard of ecomoda was when they were in YS3 when Benjo’s classmate Lizeth was chosen as the girl representative of their class.  Lizeth’s mom Chona, being one of our friends, told us of the painstaking chore of finding a mananahi or dressmaker to make the ecomoda dress.  They paid P700 for the dress which had a Filipiniana theme.  The dress turned out to be fabulous and Lizeth won in the ecomoda contest.

Now I did not have any ambition of my son winning in any contest or of spending money on what is supposed to be a project to help the environment.  I did take a dressmaking class a few years back but it’s been ages since I actually sewed anything wearable.  The most that I’ve used my sewing machine is for repairing holes and tears and of course those curtains a couple of years ago.

My first plan was to collect packaging from chichiriya or food packages we ate around the house like chips, cookies, candies, etc.  I did start collecting these and even asked my cousin who owns a sari-sari store to do the same.  But as the days to the deadline approached my collection was not enough to complete an outfit.  My back-up plan was to use a trashbag as the interior and to paste newspaper/magazines cut-outs on the plastic.  So on a rainy Monday when there was no school due to typhoon Luis, I started on the project.  I measured Benjo, cut out the trashbag and gathered the newspaper, glue and scissors.  I started with the back portion and I was so engrossed in the project that I did not notice the time clicking by. I had spent about 2 ½ hours on making the collage.  I continued the front portion in the afternoon and it took me probably another 2 hours.

I could’ve just cut away at the newspaper not caring what it said or the message that it gave, but I cared and so I chose the words and the pictures carefully.  Words that showed character or purpose. And that’s why it took me this long to do the newspaper/magazine collage.   Plus looking for red and blue colors since I decided to replicate part of the Philippine flag.  I’m no artist but this is as close to artwork that I can get, using both the right and left side of my brain – the logical and artistic side.

The next day when my son came home he said that they were given an extension on the deadline, therefore I put off the rest of the project for the next few days.  It was Thursday evening when I decided to pick it up again and start on the sleeves.  I could’ve left it as it was, but I was challenged and wanted it to look like a polo barong.  It was a challenge gluing the sleeves to the rest of the body, but I’m glad that the glue and the plastic/paper combinations cooperated.  When I tried it on Benjo, it tore in some places which was easily patched up with more newspaper and glue.

Other additions:  I cut off the sleeves because it was too long and too difficult for Benjo to move.  I didn’t measure the shoulders correctly and it came up too narrow.  The material I cut off from the sleeves I used to extend the back by 3 inches and added some collar.  The bag from Jewels came in handy as it had an interesting ethnic pattern which I used to extend the front portion and added to the sleeves for detail.  Lastly I sewed on buttons and loombands to enclose the polo.  I’m not sure how long the polo will last, hopefully long enough for the parade they will have today.  That’s why I took several pictures of the outfit to at least give me a remembrance of those long hours of work.  I forgot to take a picture though of my model wearing the outfit. Hopefully someone will do this at school.

Materials used:
  • plastic trashbag (we happen to have biodegradable ones here in the house, so in a few months or a year's time the outfit will surely come apart)
  • old newspaper and magazines
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • glue (just Elmer's glue which I had refilled at a nearby office supplies shop)
  • buttons and thread
  • loom bands
  • Jewel's plastic bag